HR Policy & Implimentation

Human resource policies are continuing guidelines on the approach the organisation intends to adopt in managing its people. It represents specific guidelines to HR managers various matters concerning employments. Human resources policies provide the framework by which employees are expected to behave in the workplace. These policies are written statements of the company’s standards and objectives and include all areas of employment, including recruitment, compensation, termination, benefits, employee relations and leaves of absence. They contain rules on how employees must perform their jobs and interact with each other. it is complex thing to develop and implement this in a proper manner, as human resource expert we do it on behalf of you, 

HR Policies 


  • Recruitment & Appointment Policy
  • Induction and Orientation Policy..
  • Training & Development Policy
  • Training & Development Policy
  • Increment Policy
  • Credential Verification Policy
  • Conveyance Policy
  • Dress Code Policy
  • Accommodation Policy
  • Resignation Policy


  • Employee Discipline Policy
  • Griviance Redressal Policy
  • Employee Health Policy
  • Employee Safety Policy
  • Personnel File Policy
  • Employee Welfare Policy
  • Employee Rights & Responsibilities
  • Leave Policy
  • Punctuality & Attendance Policy
  • Probation & Confirmation Policy