Process Implementation

The specific process Implementation  can vary from organisation to organisation, dependent largely on the details of the actual strategic plan, but some basic steps can assist in the process and ensure that implementation is successful and the strategic plan effective Implementation is defined as a specified set of activities designed to put into practice an activity or program of known dimensions. As featherfern offers service to each kind of industries we have knowledge and experience for it. Implementation of the process is complex and hard work but with featherfern you work become easy, you just share your requirement with us we will do everything for you, its is the best way to do what you want because it is cost effective, time saving, easy, fast and excellent.

Types Of Process In An Organisation

 Management Process Operational ProcessSupporting Process

Major Processes


  • Work Process
  • Behavioural process
  • Decisions making process
  • Communication process
  • Organisational learning process
  • Change Process
  • Managerial process


  • Direction setting process
  • Negotiating & selling process
  • Monitoring & control process
  • Reporting process
  • Renewal process
  • Execution process